February 6, 2018

Define your game plan for Digital Transformation

Jaco Markwat
Jaco Markwat

Sales and Marketing Director at Wonderware Southern Africa. I am passionate about the role of technology in improving processes, empowering people and transforming business functions.

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The pressure on business to remain competitive is greater than ever: Declining commodity prices, heightened regulatory compliance, the shift to a modern workforce and improving safety are ongoing challenges threatening profitability.

Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Artificial Intelligence are more than just buzzwords. These digital toolsets and concepts present great opportunities and are being used today to optimise operations, identify hidden efficiencies, improve asset reliability and performance and achieve business objectives.

To address the challenges and opportunities ahead, the enterprise must fuse digital technology together with the existing people, processes and assets to ultimately drive new insights into enterprise operations.

Join us at X-Change 2018 from 15-18 April 2018 to define YOUR game plan for digital transformation.


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